Question and Answer Series – Part 2

Has this happened to you? You’ve transported your dance costume in a garment bag and when you pull it out, it’s wrinkled! How are you going to get those unsightly wrinkles out before the competition? The first thing you do is grab an ironing board and you’re about to start ironing your costume. One word of advice…DON’T.

July 2019 Newsletter

As you’re reading this, we’re prepping for our July trip to Long Beach, CA – for Dancerpalooza 2019! We’re super excited to meet a bunch of dancers, coaches, and teachers in person – but here’s some of what we’ve been up to online in the last few months: Prep Tips for Pro Cheer Auditions ……


January 2019 Newsletter

Are you as excited for 2019 as we are? In this edition of our newsletter, we wanted to take the time to both look back on 2018 (Wow, is it over already?) and look ahead to what’s in store for D.A. dancers in 2019!

Six Tips for Picking the Perfect Fitwear

We’ve all been there. On the treadmill, wiggling out a wedgie. On the mat, wishing your fabric wicked. On the spin bike, yanking your top down. You’re working out, and the last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction. Two key factors—fit and fabric—ensure your fitwear helps you hit every rep, every time.

A Lycra Birthday Suit

DA Designs Celebrates 30 Years in Dancewear In the 80s, women across America united in aerobics classes, donning flashy leotards and Reeboks. And while most would rather forget these neon memories, Dennette Nakamura remembers them nostalgically. It’s how she got her start in the business, after all. “I made all of my clothes my entire…

Workout Wardrobe Makeover

You work out hard, and you have the clothes to prove it—holey, stained and a bit smelly. OK, so maybe it’s time to reward yourself with a workout wardrobe makeover. DA Designs, led by Dennette Nakamura, recently launched a new ready-to-wear fitnesswear line that moves in the right ways, protects the right assets and highlights…