Take a look at what we’ve been up to this spring, including some new videos and tips for your next cheer audition costume!

Bright Color Top Dark Color Bottom Diverse Body Type Dance Costume

Flattering Diverse Body Types

We’re making an effort to release more “How To” videos throughout 2019, and we wanted to start by talking about something that every coach and dance team leader needs to think about.


We know there’s no “one size fits all” formula that works for every dancer and costume. That’s why we shared some design tips that’ll make sure EVERY dancer on your team looks great! Click this link to watch the video.

Showing Off at Clovis North High School

Clovis North High’s Heather Lingenfelter was kind enough to say a few good words about her experience with D.A. Designs. We LOVE working with Heather, and we’re pretty proud of the costumes we created for Clovis North and Granite Ridge Intermediate’s pep and cheer programs!


To see the costumes and hear what Heather had to say about working with us, click here!

Clovis North High Square

And Blinging Out Cheer Audition Outfits!

As we geared up for cheer audition season, we took a look at the basics of designing cheer audition costumes. We also had a bit of fun looking at the top 3 ways to bling out your outfit!


For some sports (looking at you, NBA), audition season is still in full gear. If you have an audition coming up, and you need a costume … well, we know some people! Be sure to contact us to get started on your costume today.