button-shopnowYou work out hard, and you have the clothes to prove it—holey, stained and a bit smelly.

OK, so maybe it’s time to reward yourself with a workout wardrobe makeover.

DA Designs, led by Dennette Nakamura, recently launched a new ready-to-wear fitnesswear line that moves in the right ways, protects the right assets and highlights the right places. After all, it’s designed for fit women by fit women.

“Our goal in creating this line is really selfish,” Nakamura confesses. “We wanted cute, functional fitnesswear to wear ourselves!”

It turns out sometimes the best ideas are selfish ones. Nakamura set out to create a workout clothes with a better fit than she found on the current market. And, of course, she wanted to maintain DA Designs’ signature high quality.

To create a fit perfect for a yoga session and cardio kickboxing alike, Nakamura outlined three key fit necessities:

  1. “For fitnesswear we want the tops to be supportive, so we put an extra supportive bra lining in it with removable pads.
  2. “We like the tops nice and long so they don’t ride up, and we also want them to be nice and fitted so they are flattering and functional.
  3. “The pants all have a snug waistband, but no elastic, so no muffin top.”

These guidelines helped her shape a set of supportive, flattering and comfortable fitwear in a variety of styles and colors. The new line features camisole, halter and tank tops, in addition to pants, capris and shorts—plenty of coordinating styles to help overhaul your overused workout outfits. And to help you stand out on the track or on the mat, the pieces come in eye-popping color combos (think yellow and charcoal, green and black, and blue, black and charcoal). But Nakamura’s favorite? The pink, charcoal and black, which is sure to highlight your feminine side while you kick some butt.

And the fitwear is guaranteed to feel as good as it looks. “We use super-supportive, breathable, moisture-wicking nylon/Lycra—the same exact fabric as the top quality manufacturers in this market,” Nakamura explains.

With durable pieces that offer top-notch support, breathability and functionality, the new DA Designs fitwear line is just the motivation you need to hit one more rep, step or mile. Because, Nakamura reminds us, “The better we look in our workout wear, the harder we want to work out!”