As you’re reading this, we’re prepping for our July trip to Long Beach, CA – for Dancerpalooza 2019! We’re super excited to meet a bunch of dancers, coaches, and teachers in person – but here’s some of what we’ve been up to online in the last few months:

Prep Tips for Pro Cheer Auditions …

We love watching our dancers succeed – which is why we put together a five-step checklist for aspiring pro cheerleaders, helping them prep for audition day! Keeping track of everything you need to do pre-audition is tough, but we’ve got you covered.

Click here to take a look at our pro cheer audition checklist.

… Our Competition Costume Timeline …

As costume designers, we know it’s never too early to think about ordering your next competition costumes. That’s why we put together a quick timeline of the ordering process, so you can make sure you get your next costumes ready way before competition day. You can check out the timeline here!

DA Competition Costumes
How to Store Your Dance Costume Uniform Featured Image

… And Our Next Series of “How to” Videos!

That’s right – we’re back with a new series of “How to” videos! We plan to cover everything from getting stains out of your costume to what to wear underneath while you perform. The first two videos in the series are live on our YouTube channel now, and we’ll be launching more each month!