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Building a custom dancewear company doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a truly special person that’s passionate, persistent, and determined. And that person is Dennette Nakamura, Founder and CEO of D.A. Designs Dancewear.

Welcome to Part 2 of our Meet the Founder series. Here we’ll talk about Dennette’s history and the background behind her company. Joining her on this trip down memory lane is her daughter, designer, and account manager, Kaelin.

Was D.A. Designs Dancewear an Immediate Success?

Though D.A. Designs Dancewear has become a powerhouse team that creates truly custom dancewear for dancers and cheerleaders worldwide, it wasn’t rainbows and sunshine at the beginning. In this video, Dennette shares her struggles in starting her business.

What Costume Designs Stand Out the Most?

It’s always hard to pick out the favorite costumes D.A. Designs have made throughout the years, but some stand out more than others. In this video, Dennette and Kaelin talk about their favorite costumes from the past.

What advice would you give to others wanting to start their own business?

The greatest gift a business owner can give is to impart their knowledge to the next generation of business owners. Check out what advice and tips Dennette has to offer to those wanting to get into the business.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our two-part Meet the Founder video series. We’ll be back with out last video series, where Dennette takes over the interview, and we’ll meet Designer Kaelin. Until then, check out our galleries of custom dance costumes and uniforms that exceed industry standards!