We continue with Part 2 of our Question and Answer Series with Founder Dennette Nakamura and Designer Kaelin Anderson.  

Q: What do you do about that Time of the Month and your Dance Costume? 

There’s not a lot of people talking about this out there, but it needs to be talked about: That Time of the Month and Your Dance Costume. 

As girls, we know that you cannot always know for sure when it’s coming. Consider this in advance, plan for it and wear a tampon. Unfortunately, pads won’t work with a dance costume. 
We’re sorry for any people who are reading this right now who don’t want to know about that time of the month, but these are real things. We’ve had to deal with it. You must know what to expect. So, plan ahead and you’ll be fine. 

Q: Do you have any tips on how to wash your uniform that has spandex, nylon glitter fabric? Any time it gets wet, it loses its color and sparkle and it also bleeds into the white around it. Please help.  

This one’s easy. STOP WASHING IT! 

A lot of costumes are not washable, especially if they have glitter, as the glitter is going to come right off. And since a lot of costumes are not washable and you’ve got a color that has a stain on it, the best option is to spot clean. In general, if your costume loses it’s color and bleeds when you wash it, stop it. Don’t do that anymore. 

Let’s say it does bleed. That’s okay. Get a bleach pen to clean it off. Grab a wet towel, rinse the area, pat dry the area to get the bleach off.  

Check out our two videos for tips and tricks on how to remove stains and a step by step on how to wash an unwashable costume: 

How to Remove Stains From Your Dance Costume 

How to Wash an Unwashable Costume 

If you have any other questions about how to care for your dance costume, be sure to click here to contact us