6 tips for perfect fitwear

We’ve all been there.

  • On the treadmill, wiggling out a wedgie.
  • On the mat, wishing your fabric wicked.
  • On the spin bike, yanking your top down.

You’re working out, and the last thing you want is a wardrobe malfunction. Two key factors—fit and fabric—ensure your fitwear helps you hit every rep, every time.

The fit:

  1. Built-ins? Give the girls what they deserve; removable molded cups offer added support when you need it most.
  2. Added length. Don’t want your shirt to ride up during downward dog? Me neither. Tops with added length provide coverage and comfort no matter the activity.
  3. Battle at the (no) bulge. Two words: muffin top. Avoid it at all costs with wide waistbands.


The fabric:

  1. Avoid cotton. Your sorority slogan may be cute, but it’s weighing you down—and holding you back. Cotton clothes retain moisture, which make for a wet workout.
  2. Wick chicks. No cotton—what’s a girl to do? Choose a wicking fabric like Lycra that pulls moisture away and keeps you cool.
  3. Stretch and flex. Spandex and Lycra provide unparalleled movement whether you’re in barbell class or Bikram. You’ll move well without compromising fit.

You pick your fitness plan carefully; your workout clothes should be no different. DA Designs offers functional and flattering fitwear for the active woman. Made in the USA with the highest quality fabrics, DA Designs’ tops, crops, tanks and more will help you achieve—and surpass—your goals.

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