Has this happened to you? You’ve transported your dance costume in a garment bag and when you pull it out, it’s wrinkled! How are you going to get those unsightly wrinkles out before the competition? The first thing you do is grab an ironing board and you’re about to start ironing your costume. One word of advice…DON’T. 

We learned early on that ironing will melt your dance costume and we would hate for you to do that. Here are a few options to get those wrinkles out of your dance costume. 

Blow Dryer::

Everybody has a blow dryer and odds are good you take it with you to competitions or performances. Turn your blow dryer on high heat. Spread out the parts of your costume that has wrinkles. And after hitting it with dyer you will see that the wrinkles are gone.  


Not as easy, but super effective is a handheld steamer. You can buy any number of affordable steamers online or at the store. It warms up fast. As a reminder, you don’t ever touch your costume with the steam. Once the steamer is hot, go over the costume with it, and watch the wrinkles will fall out.  

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