We noticed a lot of questions popping up lately and we wanted to give you some answers. So, here is Part 1 of our Question and Answer with Founder Dennette Nakamura and Designer Kaelin Anderson. Let’s dive right in. 

Q: Do you know any brands of leotards that are supportive for your chest area?  

We can’t be specific about any brand of leotard, but as we produce costumes that already include support, we do know what to look for you when you’re buying a leotard that is supportive for your chest.   

Let’s say you’re going to order a body liner to wear under your costume. You can always order one size smaller. It will be tighter if that is what you need. If you need more in your chest area then you might want to consider putting pads in your costume. Find that perfect bra that works for you already, then it can be sewn, or double-stick taped into the leotard. 

Q: What if my costume or uniform doesn’t work with a bra? What do I do now?  

Well, there’s always carpet tape! 

If you are committed, need support and you cannot have anything showing, especially if your costume or uniform is backless or lowcut, carpet tape or double-sided tape is a fast and easy option. Yes, it might hurt a little bit to take it off! So, you might want to get a little bit of sticky remover to help get it off when you’re doing it, but it’s a great option to build the support that you need quickly before you start to perform. 

The important thing is to plan ahead! 

Be sure to put your costume on ahead of time to see it fit. Make sure you’re happy with how your chest looks in it. If not, do what needs to be done to make your body look the way you want it to look in the costume.  

We work with a lot of girls who are auditioning for pro teams, pro basketball teams, pro football teams, and hockey teams, and we help create or customize their audition uniforms.  

Simply take the top with you, take the costume with you, take the uniform with you to Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, or wherever you want to buy a bra and try on a bunch of different bras with it. The best thing to do is to be prepared and plan ahead. If you don’t have something you love to wear, that’s an issue, and you need to handle it before you leave.  

But hey, if you’re in a hurry…there’s always carpet tape! 

If you have any other questions or concerns about the perfect fit, be sure to click here to contact us