We’re back, with tips that will help you choose the right makeup to complement your dance costume or uniform:

The Right Makeup Makes Your Performance

Without the right makeup, your dancers might end up looking washed out, sick, or pale on stage. You don’t want that! You want your dancers to look bold, and to be able to see their eyes, lips, and beautiful smiles. That’s where choosing the right makeup comes in.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing makeup to match your costume is what colors will actually suit your team’s dancewear. When you’re choosing for a group (or a performance that contains multiple costumes), you should select neutral face and eye makeup that will match a wide range of skin tones. You want to make sure everybody wears the same, flattering makeup – so everybody looks great!

Lip Color Is the Most Important

Now, while your face and eye makeup should likely be simple and neutral, your lip color needs to be bold (whether dark or bright). But it also needs to be something that all your dancers have easy access to, and that they’ll be comfortable in.

If you’re matching makeup to just one costume, you can take that costume’s colors into account when selecting your face, eye, and (especially) lip color. For example, if your costume is red with an orange undertone, you might not want to pick a red lipstick that has a blue undertone. However, if your red costume has a blue undertone, that same lipstick might work fantastically!

Take Your Dancers’ Ages Into Account

The last thing you need to consider is your dancers’ age range. If your troupe or team is full of grade schoolers, and they’re wearing age-appropriate costumes, you’ll want to pick makeup to match.

Remember, your makeup should suit your dancers, their costumes, and their performance. If you stick to those three guidelines when choosing your makeup, you’ll be set!

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