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Want to know the best way to store your dance costume or uniform? D.A.’s own Kaelin Anderson is here with some tips and tricks that’ll ensure your costume holds together for years to come:

Don’t Store Your Costume Wet

Whether you’re dancing on the field or on the stage, you’re likely going to get a bit sweaty. And so is your costume! You don’t want that sweat to soak in to your costume, so it’s important that you hang your costume post-performance and give it time to dry.

We recommend tracking down a garment bag that breathes well (like the ones we provide for free with D.A. Designs costumes) and hanging your costume inside – but don’t zip it up yet! Leave it unzipped for a bit, to get that extra drying airflow.

Remaining Moisture Can Stain Your Costume or Cause Color Transfer

After your costume’s completely dry, feel free to zip up your garment bag and hang your costume somewhere out of the way (ideally out of the sunlight). You want to find somewhere that your costume’s not going to get jostled too much or possibly snag on an edge or other sharp object. You likely spent a good amount on your costume – so it’s important to take good care of it!

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