At D.A. Designs, we love new technology and continually stay up to date on ways to breathe excitement and life into everything we create. When we learn new and more effective techniques, we apply them to our uniforms and costumes. Today, let’s talk about logos and designs and the three options we use to apply them.


If you're looking for richness and depth, then embroidery is perfect for you, and it's one of our favorite options. For several years, we've designed and created uniforms for the Golden State Warriors Jr. Jam Squad, an amazing and talented team. For this Jr. Jam Squad costume, we used embroidery. With embroidery, the depth you get with the thread is fantastic. Embroidery tends to be the most expensive of the three options, but sometimes it's just what it needs to be. If your budget allows it, embroidery is the best option and worth the time involved. At D.A. Designs, we can get different sizes, and our embroider, Kristen Geesey, is the best. Her specialty is dancewear, and you can check out her video here:


Though we love embroidery, our next option is sublimation. Sublimation is still beautiful, and there's a lot of different options. We can cut our garments directly from the fabric with the image or logo on it, but it does add time, and sometimes it can add to the cost. If you're thinking of sublimation, understand it can be a little more expensive and time-consuming. But we are happy to do it, and we get some great colors.

Printed Transfers

Printed Transfers have been a fun, new, easy way to get logos anywhere because we can cut them up, resize them and have a lot more control over them. They do last, and you can wash these. You can do whatever you need to do them, they're going to stand the test of time, and we can match colors easily. In the end, whichever you choose, whether it's embroidery, sublimation, or printed transfers, we love all these options, and we hope we can create a truly unique custom costume or uniform for you.