Rhinestones are the perfect crystals to add that extra bling, but if you’re going to order costumes and uniforms, they can be expensive. Want to know how to keep those costs down and keep the sparkle and shine on your costume? 

Rhinestone Transfers::

Rhinestone transfers are a magical invention and a fantastic way to get more rhinestones on your costume at a lower cost.

In the past, rhinestones had to be hand placed. That means each rhinestone is individually glued in place, which is time-consuming. Not to mention, rhinestones themselves aren’t cheap. Whether you pay someone else to do it or take the time to do it yourself, it’s expensive.

Rhinestone Transfer Machines::

Rhinestone transfer machines print rhinestones transfers on a sheet of tape; then you heat press it on a costume, saving you time and money. 

In the photo above, this is a completed cheer uniform we created for a studio in San Diego. They wanted many rhinestones, but their budget was limited. Every single rhinestone you see on this costume, the sleeves, the chest, the waistband, we’re all done with the rhinestone transfer. 

We can also create logos using rhinestone transfer. The lettering is all done using rhinestone transfer. You can get your team name on there and get a little extra bling around it.

Rhinestone transfers are washable and long-term wearable. You don’t have to worry about losing stones. They’re going to stay on. 

Now we aren’t saying they are a replacement for hand-placed rhinestones. In some areas of the costume, you’ll still need to place them by hand; we’re just giving you an affordable option.  Take a look at the video and see how we apply rhinestones using our rhinestone transfer machine.