For many years, we’ve had the pleasure of creating magic for the dancers at Step 2 This Dance & Performing Arts, an award-winning performing arts studio in Oakley, California. 

Lead by Studio Owner and Instructor Amber Weiss, she has had a competition team since the studio opened in 2002, with 20-50 dancers on their competition team. “We start in May with Auditions,” Amber said. “If I have a piece of music or an idea early on, I let D.A. Designs know about it. I am not the best at drawing out designs, so I tell Kaelin what I want, and she brings my visions to life and creates something magical for my dancers to wear!” 

Amber believes it is essential to have the right costume. “The costume is the final piece of the puzzle to me. It completes the dance. And D.A. Designs make about 80% of our competition costumes each year.” 

Amber continued, “D.A. Designs is so professional, with a quick turnaround time. They go above and beyond for their customers, and we love the quality of the product!”  

And we love the costumes we’ve created, and we can’t wait to blow the ruby slippers off our next custom costumes for Step 2 This Dance.