If you MUST wear a mask, then you might as well look great doing it!  Ugh, masks! We get it. We’re all wearing them, and we all want to stay safe. Sometimes our performers even need to wear them on the stage or on the performance field. At D.A. Designs Dancewear we believe it’s crucial to always look your best, even if that requires you to wear a mask. That’s why it’s a great idea to specifically design your masks to match your costume or uniform.  Many teams have opted to simply use masks that have similar colors or patterns as their uniforms. We believe the best option, however, is having your costume designer completely customize masks that are specifically made to coordinate with your custom uniform. This means the mask:

  • Uses the same fabric as your costume
  • Has some of the same design elements
  • Matches colors perfectly (not just closely) with your uniforms

 Custom designed facemasks are such a great way to pull the entire look all together cohesively, magnifying your performance, and helping you feel beautiful and confident. Watch the video to see what we’ve done for so many of our teams.