Sugar-laden snacks do nothing for athletes—whether football players or dancers. Dancers often live busy lives, and they almost always have healthy treats close at hand.

Forget the drugs and supplements that are advertised for relief of pain and tiredness. Instead, focus on foods that balance the body, help keep ligaments and muscles strong, minds fresh and alert, and stress levels low. Phytronutrients are nature’s blessing to plants; these nutrients guarantee protection against harsh weather, predators and poisons. While it is impossible for people to enjoy this around-the-clock protection, we can definitely benefit by consuming phytronutrient-filled plants.

Inflammation of the joints can slow down or affect the performance of any career-based dancer. Taking steps to prevent such damage is critical to these artists. That is why they stay clear of these harmful food sources:

  • Processed meats
  • Saturated cooking oil
  • Alcohol
  • Refined sugar and grains
  • Artificial food additives

Snacks do not have to be boring, but can be as creative as a choreographed dance. Talk with a dancer and discover some new, creative health treats. Berries, eggs, bell peppers, tomatoes, natural grains and white tea are a few of the items you may find stashed away in a cooler of a dancer. Eating healthy, natural food will reflect in the way your skin looks, how you carry yourself and, best of all, how you feel. Watching the effortless flow and joy of these professionals may be just what you need to revamp your own diet.