Ever wonder how we get our custom costumes and dancewear to be flawless?

It’s all thanks to our incredible seamstress, Dee Albrecht. Dee has been a part of our family for twenty-six years, ever since we started D.A. Designs out of our home.

Dee will tell you; she learned to sew on her mother’s knee. After her mother taught her the basics of sewing, she assisted her teacher in high school and always remembers her first project: a little girl’s dress. She kept that dress for a long time, hoping to have her own daughter one day.

Though fate had other plans, it was working with D.A. Designs that she’s been able to sew costumes and dancewear for hundreds of girls, all of which she is proud to have helped create. The cheer groups being her personal favorite, as she loves working with them. It’s fun to see the uniforms in action and the feeling of accomplishment when completed. We are truly blessed to have Dee Albrecht as our seamstress all these years. We would not be able to create custom costumes that Fit, Flatter, and Last, without her incredible talents