We already broke down the basics of cheer audition costumes, but now it’s time to get serious! If you really want to stand out from the competition this audition season, there’s no getting around it – you have to bling out your costume.

Thankfully, we know how to put any costume over the top, using the tried and true accessories below! If you’re still deciding how to bling out your audition costume, here are our Top 3 recommendations:

Sequins and Rhinestones

If you take a look at our audition costume gallery (or really, any designer’s gallery), you’ll see A LOT of sequins and rhinestones. That’s because they’re both incredibly eye-catching and incredibly easy to add to most designs.

Full sequin belts and piping go well with simple costumes (and will dazzle your judges), while more restrained rhinestone additions can add a bit of flair without overtaking your design. Either way, you can’t go wrong with sequins and rhinestones!

Custom Dance Costumes - Pro Team Tryout Outfit


Many audition costumes include just a bikini-style top and bottom, but your design doesn’t have to stop there! On-theme armbands add extra areas of eye-catching color to your costume and highlight the movements of your arms, hands, and wrists.

Skirts and Fringe

Speaking of emphasis, nothing adds more pizzazz to your performance than a fringe skirt!

There’s a reason fringe has almost always been in fashion – because it adds an extra element of dynamic movement to any audition performance. And it’s that sort of additional flair that’s going to put you over the top and get you on the team!

Just remember, while blinging out your outfit is good, following your audition’s rules and guidelines is EVEN BETTER. So be sure to check your audition’s fine print and take that into account when having your outfit designed (or blinging it out yourself).

But as long as you obey the letter of audition law, feel free to GO FOR IT when blinging out your audition costume. After all, you might get only one shot to make the team!

Want a blinged-out costume like the ones pictured above? Feel free to contact us, so we can design your PERFECT custom audition costume!