CheerClovis North High School Cheer Custom Costume

“A true custom costume is one that comes from my brain and my coaches’ brains and gets onto paper,” says Clovis North High School Pep and Cheer Director Heather Lingenfelter. “Next thing you know, it’s a beautiful product that’s in front of you. And that’s awesome.”


We always love working with Heather, and we’re so happy she took the time to tells us what SHE loves about working with DA Designs! Check out the video below for a look at the costumes we created for Clovis North and Granite Ridge Intermediate’s pep and cheer programs, as well as some insight into what working with us is like!


Heather has been coaching cheerleaders for 27 years. Currently, she’s leading over 200(!) pep and cheerleaders through the 2019 cheer season.


“We have teams at every level, both pep and cheer,” says Heather. “Every year starts in the spring, when we start to plan out our year with the competition season, routines, choreography, uniforms. All of that has to come together. We come together with our ideas of how we want to look out on the field and on the basketball courts … and from there we take the themes and run with what we want to do with the uniforms. That’s when we go and meet with DA Designs.”


The Right Uniform Can Make or Break a Season


Heather’s ideas are always fantastic, and we love iterating with her toward Clovis North and Granite Ridge’s final designs. We know the right uniform can make or break a season, so we work hard to make sure Heather’s girls make a lasting, age-appropriate impression on their audiences.


“What I love about the uniforms and costumes we get from DA Designs is the quality,” says Heather. “They last forever. The kids beat ’em up. They’re not always nice with how they take care of them. And they still look great when they’re on the floor and on the field!”


We’re wishing Heather and her girls a ton of success in 2019, and of course, we’d love to help you find success, too! To learn more about what working with DA is like, be sure to contact us and request a quote for your team’s uniforms.