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Cheer audition season is on the horizon! We know how anxious dancers get going into audition season – so we want to give you one less thing to worry about. In our many years creating custom audition costumes, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t. Now, we’re going to pass that knowledge on to you – so your costume blows your judges away!


Keep reading to learn the three guidelines to creating a successful cheer audition costume.

Follow the Rules 

Most cheer teams provide guidelines for what your audition costume should look like. Following those guidelines is your first step toward making the team!

Now, you do need to make sure you stand out from your competition, but you need to do so while following the rules. Wearing appropriate attire shows you take your audition seriously and that you’re coachable – putting you way ahead of those who just show up wearing mismatched workout gear. A good designer can create a costume that sets you apart from your competitors, while also incorporating the necessary colors, style, and design.

Wear Something Flexible and Flattering 

Don’t get hung up on choosing an outfit that incorporates your favorite color or the current top trends. Instead, make sure your outfit is two things: flexible and flattering.


The colors you choose should both mesh with the team’s audition guidelines and your own skin tone and hair color. A good designer can help you choose your most flattering colors! Also, your shorts and tops should flatter your body type (and ensure that nothing will pop out during your audition).


But most importantly, you need to be able to dance in your costume! Your audition is your one chance to show off your skills, so you need to be able to dance your best. A good designer will make sure you’re completely comfortable (and well supported) dancing in your audition outfit.

Bling Out Your Outfit 

You’ve followed the rules, and you’ve found something flexible and flattering. Now’s the time to have fun and stand out!


Most pro cheer influencers recommend blinging out your costume just a bit, using rhinestones, sequins, or sequin fabric. These design elements will catch judges’ attention and set you apart from the competition – provided you use them correctly. You can add these bits of flair yourself, or (and you might get better results doing this) you can have a designer add them for you.


Just remember, if you plan to have a designer bling your outfit out for you, be sure to give them extra time before auditions. Your designer will want to put just as much care and thought into jazzing up your costume as they did designing it in the first place.

And there you have it: the top three guidelines to creating a top-notch cheer audition costume! If you follow these guidelines, we have no doubt your costume will grab judges’ attention and give you the best chance for success.

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