6 elements of a successful costume
The costume: it’s what judges, audiences and fans alike see before you make your first step, jump or flip.

Don’t let them—or yourself down—with a sub-par outfit.

So what makes a winning costume stand out and perform perfectly?

Cheer and Pep Teams

  1. Vibrant Colors: The last thing you want to do is blend in with the court. Stand out with bold colors and catchy accents—think a touch of gold or a rich red paired with a crisp white.
  2. Impressive Details: The closer the fan is, the more beautiful your uniform should look! Whether eye-catching embroidery or crystalized outlines, DA Designs’ details make for the most unique uniform in the country.
  3. Precise Fit: The holy grail of uniforms. DA Designs takes into account your individual team and its movements to ensure you can move well … and without worry of a wardrobe malfunction!

Dance Groups


  1. Expressive Colors: Your dance is telling a story, and your outfit should reflect that. Colors in particular can impact your audience’s emotions, and should mimic the dance’s emotional objective.
  2. Modern Design: Cool cutouts. Exhilarating silhouettes. Glittering sequins. DA Designs pairs innovative trends with tried-and-true elements to create modern designs for dance teams and performance groups.
  3. Functional Fit: Above all else, your outfit must stay in place while you dance—whether for a sophisticated ballet recital or a professional half-time show. DA Designs knows the ins and outs of designing to fit real, moving bodies.

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