3-steps-costumeYou wouldn’t show up to a test empty-handed—rather, empty-headed—right?

A successful costume has to start somewhere … and it’s with the client! Every D.A. Designs costume begins with a client consultation in person or over the phone or Internet to determine the best fit for you, whether it’s for a college team or a solo recital.

But before we construct your killer costume, we need some help from you!

Keep reading for the three key steps to creating a winning costume.

The Theme

Think of this as your costume’s thesis. What feeling do you want to convey through your outfit? Are you looking for elegant and flowing or sexy and edgy?

DA TIP: Visit DA Designs’ incredible photo galleries for hundreds of costume ideas—and mix and match them to create your ideal outfit. Pictures help, so save your favorites and share ‘em with DA!

The Specifics

1016152_606095309408451_601887681_nThe devil’s in the details right? Don’t overlook those “minor” elements—they’re what make your costume stand out! Specifics to consider: the cut (halter or full back?), length (pants or short skirt?), colors (blue or purple?) and accents (embroidery or glitter?).

DA TIP: Consulting for a costume just for you? We’ll take your personal taste, body type, skin tone and hair color into consideration so your outfit is perfectly personalized.

The Measurements

Above all else, your costume’s gotta fit. Before we start construction, we need the following measurements for each member of the team or group:

  • Chest
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Girth
  • Inseam

pom-cheer2DA TIP: Have your measurements done at a professional tailor to ensure accuracy. On a team? Make sure the same person does every member’s measurements for consistent numbers.

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