Naturally when the Maine South High School Hawkettes in a suburb of Chicago contacted us to make another costume, we were thrilled to hear from them. As long term customers of ours, we look forward to working with them throughout the school year. In addition to being national champions, their passion for dance had made headlines more than once.
For their latest performance, the Hawkettes needed a Cirque Du Soleil themed costume and we were ecstatic to begin the design. Their dance team has always brought some of the most colorful, interesting, and altogether breathtaking costume ideas to DA Designs Dancewear. This particular design earned the title of masterpiece before the last stitch was sewn.

So with a budget of $500 each for 26 dancers, knew we had to come up with something that would make the Hawkettes feel as confident on the outside as they do on this inside.

Ready to see the result?

Cirque du Soleil Custom Costume

Danette, our senior designer, came up with a design that blew their minds. The elegant patterns and puzzle-like design astounded the entire team, but we knew the design would present a lot of challenges.

Here’s a picture of the initial blueprint:

Cirque du Soleil Custom Costume

Not only did we need to incorporate several different fabrics and textures, we needed to apply more than 1,000 rhinestones. We assembled and cut the various pieces of the design and Dee, one of our expert seamstresses, pulled the costume together. For the minute fabric details, we affixed the additional pieces onto the garment. After the costume was assembled, Danette installed every last rhinestone.

The Hawkettes loved the design and we were happy that we could deliver a breathtaking costume while staying in their budget. To check out their accomplishments and learn more about their history, visit their website here. If you’re in need of an eye-catching costume design, contact us and request a free design consultation on our contact page. We’ll ask you about a few of your needs and put you in contact with one of our team members to work on a free quote.