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Spandex, sequins, rhinestones and fringe – your custom-made DA Designs dance outfit is a true work of art. Our costumes are handcrafted with the highest-quality fabric and workmanship, and with a little TLC they’ll stay in excellent condition.

Do you know how to take care of your custom dance costume so that it stays beautiful as long as possible? Discover ten top tips from the pros at DA Designs Don’t just throw it in the bottom of your bag! Learn how to take care of your custom dance costume, and keep it beautiful longer with a little TLC

Discover ten quick tips to take care of your custom dance costume. Give your outfit the love it needs, and keep it looking beautiful as long as possible.

  1. Treat your custom costume with extreme care. When you are putting your costume on and taking it off, be sure not to over-stretch it in any way. Use delicate motions while you’re getting dressed and undressed.
  2. Hang your costume up after each use until it is completely dry. Passionate performers work up a sweat – and that’s okay! Just make sure that your outfit dries completely before you put it away in a drawer or on a closet shelf. Damp clothes that aren’t allowed to dry can grow mildew, which can be hard to remove (and it smells!).
  3. Store your costume in a safe, dry location away from direct sunlight. Don’t cram your garment into a too-tight space – give it room to breathe instead.
  4. Follow the instructions on the tag. Does your garment have a care instructions tag sewn inside? Always follow the directions. If you cut out the tag, write down the instructions first, take a photo on your phone, or keep the tag itself for future reference.
  5. If the tag says that your outfit is washable, hand-wash it using only cold water and a mild detergent. Washing your costume in the kitchen sink? Make sure the sink is completely clean before you begin. Avoid using Woolite, Tide, or Oxiclean as your detergent. Even a small amount of mild dish soap is all you need! For a sink full of water, you’ll want to use about one teaspoon of detergent.
  6. Don’t soak your costume for a long time in the water. Instead, gently knead or swish your outfit around in the water for two to three minutes.
  7. Rinse the garment thoroughly, and let it air dry. Never twist, wring, or scrub your costume. Lay out a dry bath towel, lay the garment flat on top of it, then roll the two up tightly and apply pressure to make sure you have removed as much of the wash water as possible.
  8. Spot-clean washable outfits when you need to. You don’t have to wash the entire costume just because there’s a small spot on the sleeve. Using warm water and a bit of mild soap on a soft cloth, gently rub the spot until it goes away. Rinse away any detergent that is left.
  9. Never use bleach, or dry clean your costume. Harsh chemicals can ruin the fine fabrics!
  10. If you have questions about how to take care of your custom dance costume, DA Designs is here to help! Please call or email us BEFORE you do something that you may regret.

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