Discover six differences between custom dance outfits vs. catalog costumes, and decide if DA Designs is right for you. Tailor-made and mass-produced outfits can vary greatly when it comes to quality, originality, and design. Learn the pros and cons of each, and make the right choice for your team.

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Pro Teams

#1. Originality

DA Designs costumes are 100% custom-made, and created from scratch just for you. Some companies claim to make “custom” outfits, but they are really just using the same template over and over. They’ll switch out a button for a bow, and pretend that it’s one of a kind.

But you can tell the difference – and so can the judges. DA Designs doesn’t make cookie-cutter costumes. We start with an idea and create a 100% original piece, from the drawing to the finished outfit. You’ll never run into another team that’s wearing the same thing.

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Majorettes

#2. Quality

At DA Designs, we hire the best seamstresses in the business to make costumes of the highest quality craftsmanship. Every outfit is sewn with great care to be extremely

wearable, stretchable, and durable. Catalog companies make thousands of costumes at a time, and store inventory for years. Because of this, they have to keep labor costs low – and often, the quality suffers as a result.

Custom Made Dance Costumes Warm-Ups

#3. Assembly

Catalog orders often arrive in several pieces, and require some assembly. You may have to put bows in place, pin the belt to stay up, or hand sew shoulder straps so that the costume fits. Outfits from DA Designs come fully assembled. All you have to do is put in on, and then go dance your little heart out!

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Solos

#4. Timeline

Custom-made, top quality outfits sewn with care don’t happen overnight. When you order from DA Designs, we will make sure that your costume is exactly what you want. If you need an outfit immediately for a dance competition tomorrow, a mass-produced catalog option is probably your best bet.


#5. Pricing

Comparing catalog costumes to DA Designs is like comparing a fast food burger to a fresh, gourmet meal prepared especially for you by a five-star chef. Ready-made products can be less expensive, but that’s because they are inferior by design.

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Pom and Cheer

#6. Matching

Ordering from a catalog company means that you often have to mix and match pieces of the costume together. Different pieces come from different dye lots, and their colors may not match exactly. DA Designs are custom cut by hand from the same fabric, which means the colors always match perfectly.

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Pro Team Try-outs

#7. Design Consultation

Contact DA Designs now for your free quote and complimentary design consultation. Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll provide expert advice on the best dance, cheer, or colorguard costumes for your team.

Need some ideas? Download our free trend report on 2016’s hottest costumes, and learn about this year’s most fashionable colors, fabrics, and styles.

Custom Made Dance Costumes for Dance Costumes