If you thought learning was tough and teaching is easy, think again because it shows that you have never had to teach! Students only have to do as they are told but it is the teachers who have to forever think of innovative and awesome ideas to keep their students interested and excited. And when you have all kinds of students, some quick learners and some slow, you have to devise new ways to win their hearts. In any case, learn the best ways to motivate individuals as well as the entire squad.

If you feel that it is too much of a strain to concentrate on every performer, have an assistant that can handle minor issues while you concentrate on more important things. This way, you will be able to correct small errors in the beginning, and not allow them to grow big and stick out like a sore thumb during major events.

Remember what your teachers did when you were small. They would split a lesson in two or three parts for better understanding and then review the entire lesson for better absorption by students. You have to do the same thing here too. Teach a few steps at a time and once your squad does well, ask them to do the entire thing in one shot. Make sure that your performers wear apparel during practice sessions that makes it easy for you to detect even minor mistakes and correct them instantly. It’s also important for them to wear apparel that enables smooth movement and comfort.