The transition from life as a senior living at home and attending high school to an independent college freshman can come as a shock for many. College professors are not parents and it is up to the individual student to handle the responsibilities of class, homework and papers without prompting from outside sources. As members of high school cheer or dance teams, you already know it takes discipline to prepare for games or competition. Making a schedule is one of the best ways to succeed in college, structure your study time wisely and make the most of the resources you have. No one is going to make sure you have your assignments in on time or wake you up if you oversleep for a class.

For many students who do come to college with some idea that they can enjoy all the freedom without the attendant responsibility; it takes only one or two times of suffering the consequences to show them that it is better to be prepared. Just as it takes effort and time to practice in high school, college students need to be mindful of a few items, especially if they are involved in cheer or dance teams.

Start with a few rules to keep organized and by the time mid-terms and finals arrive it will be a whole lot easier on you. Often assignments and papers from different classes are due at the same time which leaves the procrastinator in a very bad place with papers due and no work done.  Desk calendars, alarm clocks and a sense of responsibility are some of the most needed items for transitioning into college life and making it a good year instead of a year full of stress and low grades. Don’t forget–you can always seek advice from a trusted advisor at your school, a coach, your teachers or even…your parents!