cheerThe first day in a new environment! You are full of mixed emotions, anxiety, apprehension, excitement, and uncertainty! You are not sure how your team mates will welcome you or how your seniors will treat you. You’re not sure what you should do to please them and what you should not be doing to displease them! All of us go through this at various levels in our lives, but after a few days, once we are fully settled, we start to love all those things that made us a little worried just a few days ago!

Just as it is important for the freshmen to make themselves acceptable in a new surrounding by being friendly, sociable and cheerful, it is equally important for the experienced ones to make the newcomers feel welcome. After all, you experienced cheerleaders are not just representing yourselves, you are representing your institution or organization as well. At no point should you allow disrespect, jeering or ragging the new members.  Just turn  back the clock a little and put yourselves in the shoes of the freshmen. If you are a part of a cheer squad, try doing these things to make the freshers feel at home. The sooner you make friends with the freshmen, the sooner they will relax and add their skills to the team. Seize the first opportunity and befriend them.  By the time the actual session starts, you all will have become familiar and good friends and the freshmen will settle down sooner than they believed.

You are a cheer leader and you are expected to spread cheer and happiness to one and all. Just be nice and warm to the newcomers and notice the difference. They will adore you in the days to come and look to you for help and guidance.

Throw a welcome party to mingle and get to know one another. A party is the best way of wiping out unfamiliarity and initial hesitation. Allow the freshmen to mix freely with one and all. Go around, exchange pleasantries, assure them that they are in the right place and make them feel good. It could be just a coffee and snack party, but a great way to know, befriend and earn the respect and devotion of the newcomers.

Be ready to offer help of any kind, any time. It’s very common for the newcomers to be in awe of their new surrounding and fumble. Show patience and correct them with a smile. Anything you do, just remember that you were a fresher too not long ago, and you needed help and warmth from your seniors. After all, the sooner you all become one, the better it will be for your team!