The best practice gear for any athletic event should allow for freedom of movement and protection for the athlete; this applies to cheerleaders because they need to wear gear that will help them in tumbling and working out. Shorts, a tank top or tee shirt and the right socks and shoes are important. There are specially made undergarments that will support and help reduce sweating or unwanted movement during practice.

Clothing that is either one hundred percent cotton or Lycra and cotton works best for allowing freedom of movement. Sports bras are important because they support yet do not leave the area wrinkled or sweaty. Physical conditioning and running is part of training for cheerleading, it takes a lot of effort to lead cheers and be so active on the sidelines during a game.

Socks and shoes are vital to keeping your feet in shape for all of the jumps and acrobatic moves made during halftime and time outs. It is best to have a practice pair of shoes that matches the pair you wear for games and competing in. The gear for practice is just as important as stretching before playing or practicing. Socks are usually ankle height and find the ones with enough padding to keep your feet comfortable. It is no fun to lead cheers when your feet ache.