Trying out for a cheerleading team? Usually, cheerleading captains and coaches look for a great and long-term potential in their new tryouts. These behaviors will improve you chance for success:

Show That You Care

Coaches want to know that they are getting new team members who truly care about being on the team. Best ways to prove that you are the one is by making your presence felt consistently. Typically, teams will offer pre-tryout workshops and meetings, and you should attend all of those. Always come in early and you may even sneak in a little chat with current team members or even with coaches before the rest of the applicants arrive. Make your face familiar by asking questions during these times.

Show Your Potential

Not very many squad leaders expect a new member to be a complete pro. Rather, they are looking for commitment and potential. Instead of attempting to impress with cheers and exercises that are way over your head, perfect what you are already good at. Show your flexibility, your stamina and your willingness to continue learning.

Bring Down the House

In American Idol type shows, the judges are looking for more than just a great voice. There are many people who have amazing musical talents, but only few are suitable for on-stage, star performance. Same goes for other arts and sports, including cheerleading. You may love and excel at the gymnastics and dancing aspects of cheerleading, but the main role of a cheerleader is to be seen, heard, seen, heard and seen again. If you are shy or don’t like to “show off,” cheerleading just may not be the right thing for you. Show your spirit at the tryouts, be loud and persuasive.