It seems that they have thought of everything for training cheerleaders and providing a way for them to learn safely. Did you ever wonder how those girls learned how to stand in a guys’ hands and hold her other foot over her head? Well, they use something called a “stunt stand” that allows her to practice just a few inches off the ground before actually getting hoisted way up in the air.

There are so many nifty tools and aids for cheering. There is a landing mat, wedge mat and air floor … they sound like something out of a science fiction movie. It’s mind-boggling!

But this equipment is real and it helps those gals and guys accomplish their tosses, flips and gravity-defying feats.

With all the mats and tumbling aids, it’s easy to see how these elite athletes get so good at what they do. It isn’t easy, though—not by a long shot. And that is why the safety equipment is in place. It allows them to learn the moves and flips, practice until they have them down, then perform them for your entertainment and astonishment.

You know, you hear about cheerleaders being super athletic and training just as much as other athletes (if not more), but did you ever really consider what they go through? Did you ever think about how very hard they work? Browse through the equipment listed, then watch some cheerleaders in action.

Very impressive.