There are certain stereotypes that continually follow cheerleaders around. No one knows where it got started, and no one understands why cheerleaders are always characterized as being airheads. The truth is that in order for someone to become a school cheerleader in the first place, they must hold a certain grade point average. This alone tells you that they are not airheads, as it takes intelligence to maintain a 3.0 average, which is often what is required. As a result, many cheerleaders pursue academics with diligence and integrity, leading to successful careers.

Something else that cheerleaders must do is learn numerous cheers if they are going to be successful at maintaining their position on the squad. The amount of time and practice that goes into this memorization and education is astounding, and not everyone can do it. Cheerleading fosters a diligent work ethic that extends beyond the field or gym.

Though cheerleaders may begin as giggly girls interested in fitting in with the crowd, that does not mean they are less intelligent than anyone else at the top of the class.