There is a new TV soap opera on VH1 called “Hit the Floor,” and the show is about as good its title. Taking place in the world of basketball cheerleading, the show could qualify to be characterized as a drama. However, the drama aspect of it being the big question of who in your household is going to—in fact—hit the floor while watching it.

Are you going to hit the floor and roll around laughing at the “so-lame-it’s-comical” conversations? Or is the nauseating character and plot predictability going to take the best out of the man in the house, forcing him to hit the floor in a faint? Is your pre-teen niece going to painfully hitting the floor trying to imitate the cheerleading dancing and routines? Or perhaps, it will end up being grandpa hitting the floor, after he accidently stumbles upon the show and, mesmerized by the glistening cheerleading bodies, fails to switch the channel quickly enough—at least according to grandma’s standards.

All in all, here is what you can expect:

  • the good girl, who is just trying to live out her dream of professional dancing/cheerleading
  • the rough-around-the-edges but surprisingly good at heart prostitute
  • the victimized single mom, who battles for the future of her happily broken family, and
  • the popular, influential, but rotten-to-the-core girl that is so easy to hate.

Add extra sex, money and successful men, who somehow happen to cruise through life without much work to be accomplished. Then sprinkle the whole thing with dance music and half-naked, attractive cheerleading chicks for effect.

On the other hand, if you need to spend an hour of your day zoned out in front of a soap opera—which may actually make you feel happy about the fact that you work for a living and are sporting a few extra pounds—then go for it and enjoy the show.