Meet the Seamstress

Welcome to Part 3 of our Meet the Founder series. We’ve had a wonderful opportunity to get to know Founder and CEO Dennette Nakamura. For our last part of the series, we thought it would be fun to switch gears and learn more about Dennette’s daughter Kaelin Anderson, the masterful designer at D.A. Designs.

When did you start sewing and what was your first paid job?

Kaelin doesn’t remember a time when she wasn’t sewing. Kaelin loves to sew, from creating clothes for her barbies and teddy bears to being paid to make scrunchies for all of D.A. Designs.

What was your first professional project?

Kaelin explains how she started working professionally for D.A. Designs, from creating their scrunchies to hemming color guard pants.

How long have you worked for D.A. Designs?

Sure, it’s no surprise that Kaelin has been with D.A. Designs since she was a kid, but it was after putting herself through college as a seamstress that she joined her mother and the team at D.A. Designs professionally in 2006.

What’s your favorite genre of costume you like to design?

Kaelin loves designing dancewear from scratch. Most of her clients come with only a song and color in mind, but that is never a problem because she can create magic with every design she makes and puts a unique twist on each of their requests.

What do you love about working at D.A. Designs?

Working in a career that she loves, Kaelin is grateful to be able to work alongside her mother and spend time with her.

Thank you for joining us in this exclusive three-part series, taking an insider’s look into founder Dennette and designer Kaelin. As you’ve seen, D.A. Designs is more than just a business. It’s a family of creatives, driven by the promise to create truly custom costumes and uniforms that fit, flatter, and last.


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