After receiving a new custom dance costume from us, most dancers have just one question: “How do I put this beautiful thing on?!” That’s why we put together the below guide to putting on your dance costume – without accidentally ripping, tearing, or otherwise damaging it.

Dance Costume Fabrics ArE Fragile, So Be Gentle

Many costumes are made of fragile fabrics that aren’t easy to repair. For example, mesh costumes are made of a fabric that’s ALREADY got thousands of tiny holes “poked” in it!

For that reason, you need to be gentle when you put on a dance costume. A custom costume from D.A. Designs will last a VERY long time if you take care of it … but you can put a finger through most any costume if you’re not careful! And you don’t want to do that – so BE GENTLE.

Ask Your Coach or Teacher for Help When First Putting on Your Costume

If you’re putting your costume on for the very first time, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your coach, teacher, or costume designer will know what your costume should look like – and they’ll know how to put your costume on properly.

For every costume, you’ll want to avoid using your fingernails to pull at or otherwise adjust the costume’s fabric. Instead, grab the fabric in “chunks” and either pull it up (if your costume is the “step in and pull up” type) or pull it down (if your costume is the “pull it down over your head/shoulders” type).

As you slide your costume up or down, slowly release each “chunk” of fabric in place before moving on to the next. Then, you can fasten or zip your costume, smooth everything out, and give yourself a once over in the nearest mirror.

Check Your Costume (and Your Teammates’) Before You Perform

Most likely, you’ll have to straighten some seams and make sure any cut-outs in your costume landed where they should. If you’re dancing as part of a team, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you partner up with another dancer and check each other’s costumes over. That way, both of you will go out on stage looking great!

We also recommend that you take care to protect your hair and makeup as you get dressed, or that you wait and do your hair and makeup after you put on your costume. That way, you won’t have to worry about staining your costume as you put it on.

Remember, if you take care of your costume, it’ll take care of you! If you want more great “How to” tips from us, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And if you want to see the difference that truly custom dance costumes can make, be sure to check out our gallery of custom costumes and uniforms.