Every dancer needs to wear something underneath their dance costume. In the latest D.A. Designs video, Kaelin covers the options dancers have for making sure every part of their body’s supported, and that their movements (not their unmentionables) are the star of the show.

Consider Some Low-Impact Undergarment Options

Even if your costume is backless, you have some options for making sure every part of your body is supported while you perform. We’ve seen dancers have success with:

  • Sewing bra cups into their dance costumes.
  • Wearing low-impact sticky bras (though you’ll want to buy a few, as the adhesive wears out over time).
  • Using costume and carpet tape to hold everything in place (this option is for the truly creative).

What to Wear If You’re Uncomfortable with Tapes and Bras

If you’re not quite ready to sew a bra into your costume or buy adhesives, there are simpler options that also work wonders. You can always buy a simple body liner or dance underwear that matches your skin tone, and wear those items under your costume. That way, you won’t have to wear other, more “distracting” options that might detract from your performance if seen.

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