Team rivalry is natural—no matter the sport or activity. In fact, a certain amount of rivalry is good for your team because it can push team members to work harder and achieve their goals. There are times, however, when a good-natured rivalry between teams crosses the line and becomes poor sportsmanship. This doesn’t only occur when a team takes their loss badly, but also when the winner chooses to turn their victory into a personal attack on the other team. While almost everyone is taught to not be a “poor loser,” very often people overlook the fact that you must also be a good winner. Before you throw your victory into the faces of your opponents, think about how you would feel if the roles were reversed and act accordingly.

If you’ve won a particularly tough competition, make sure the other team knows they were a worthy opponent. Often a simple compliment will defuse an otherwise touchy situation. Likewise, if you’ve lost, don’t make petty remarks about such things as judges being biased. Consider it a learning experience. Perhaps you can take a move that they used and modify it until it works with your routine.

Above all, remember that competition should be a fun part of your life. What may be earth-shattering right now ,may seem trivial in a few months. The important part is that you are out there being a team player and working hard to accomplish personal and team goals. Don’t let someone else ruin it for you.