It is a sad commentary on the teaching profession that sometimes the instructors focus more on the content than they do on the pupil. The truth is that unless you can give your students something to connect with, you will be limiting the extent of your influence over their education.

Nowhere is the effect of lack of connection noticed more than on the dance floor. Students in a dance class are already focused on the way they look, move and act. If dance teachers are unable to help their students connect with the music and the reason for the dance, there is little likelihood that they will get the most out of their performance.

Dance instructors should focus on the uniqueness of each student and what they can contribute to the entire community of dancers. They should also do what they can to determine how each student’s viewpoint affects the experience of the group as a whole, and how they can validate their experiences to encourage them to achieve more.

When you view dancing through different points of view, you become a better dance educator, which should be the goal of every teacher.