The life of a cheerleader is cheering. That’s what they do, that’s what they train so hard for. Okay, it may sound a bit crazy, but yes, there is a time when the cheerleader should not cheer.   It is a very important for the cheerleader to know the difference, especially if they are on the sidelines of a sports game.

The key moments when the cheerleader should cheer, include when their team is on the edge of victory. If the team has scored and taken the lead with just a few minutes left in the game, it is a definite time to cheer. Winning is great, but what if your team is being dominated by the other team and needs inspiration and encouragement? This is the time for a cheer that will help them to rise up and keep going.

Another specific time when cheering is appropriate is when an injured player returns to play. Even if they are on the rival team, a good sports cheer is appropriate, no matter what jersey they wear. Good sportsmanship is always important.

There are times though, on the other side of the spectrum, when cheering is definitely not appropriate. You should never cheer when someone gets hurt, this is not the time. If an injury occurs, even if your squad is in the middle of a cheer, they should fall silent. This shows respect and the audience will often follow your lead. The fact that the squad has stopped cheering, makes the audience realize that something serious has happened.

Never cheer during a big play, the squad is not the focus, the players are. You are there for support and spirit, your cheers should predominantly take place at the beginning, in between plays, during half-time, and at the end of the game. When the game is over and your team wins, yes cheer, but do it appropriately. Focus the cheer on celebrating the win and not on rubbing the loss in the other team’s face. Always remember keep your cheers sportsmanlike, the audience will follow your lead. Now get to the sidelines and cheer!