Are you just starting to learn to dance? Does it seem like you are just not improving that quickly? This is a problem with many new dancers. They think that they should just improve quickly on a daily basis.

This is not how it goes with dancing though. The progress is often slow and just minor improvements are noticed along the way. Any novice dancer needs to understand this point to keep from becoming discouraged. You just need to keep working on it day after day and you will be delighted at the progress you have made after one year.

Karen X. Cheng did an interesting thing, when she recorded her dance progress over a 365-day period. You can view this video at to see how she progressed through the year. It is amazing to see the difference at the end of the video compared to when she began. She attributes her success to practicing a lot and everywhere she could such as the bus stops and even the grocery store checkout line!

She is an excellent example for you to follow with your dance efforts. All you need to succeed is the drive and determination to learn. Once you have these then just practice your dance moves over and over again until you are satisfied with their quality. You do this and you will be surprised at how far you progress in a year.