Cheerleading is often taken for granted or thought of as an activity not requiring as much time, dedication and skill as a regular sport such as football or basketball. A good cheerleading team will be able to use the times when they are not on top of the game or ahead in points to learn valuable lessons and focus on the skills and accomplishments to change the loss into a win. Morale and attitude are great ways to achieve this goal. First of all, analyze what the best qualities about the cheerleading team include and what each person is good at. This will give you a good place to start.

Accomplishment and goals are important because they are what draw your members together as a unit. Encouragement and enthusiasm are contagious, use them to focus the attention of your team to pull together to reach the common goal of inspiring the team to win and the fans to support that team in playing. Sportsmanship is an important key to dealing with negative events, disappointment is part of life and being able to turn it into a positive value is a worth a great deal.

Other activities outside of cheering at games and sporting events can bring team members together. Encourage study times to focus on grades and practice times to co-ordinate the timing of cheers and movements that accompany them. Attend cheer camp and encourage others to do so. Review the progress that your cheerleading team has made since the beginning of the year in areas on and off the field or court. Winning is not always the best way to learn, sometimes it takes the disappointments in life to learn how to be an overcoming team. Turning the cheer loss into a cheer win is one of the ways to keep your team focused on what is really important, the development of life skills that can be used for years to come.