The use of emotion and feedback among reality show contestants and participants is one of the questions concerning the reality show “Dance Moms” and the negative feedback that has ensued. It is possible to become over enthused about the skill and talent levels of young dancers and a number of dance moms can take the winning at any cost to extremes. There is a difference between supporting and encouraging a child to dance and plotting or scheming to have them win competitions.

There is also the thinking of the place negative comments and emotions have in spurring on the ability to win for those in competition. At the least, the show and discussions about the people featured on it can engage parents in thinking about why your studio would be different and a good place to take their child for dance lessons. Having a good mission statement and focus of how and why your dance studio can be the perfect place is one reason to watch the reality show. Talking with parents about dance and why it is important will show them that you care about the development of their child on different levels, not just the development of their dance skills.

Constructive criticism does have a place in the development of any sports player, including dance. The ability to retain poise and focus when things do not go your way is important. Dealing with disappointment and negativity is a valuable lesson and there are many ways to help students learn it. The important part is to try and keep trying and improving despite the pitfalls that are dropped in your path. The ability to get up and try again is in the end, the best lesson that anyone can learn and put into practice.