Song choice is an important part of dance performance. The right song can get the piece flowing and add emotional punch to the movement. Of course, the wrong song can be creatively stifling, keeping dancers from showing off their full potential. When you’re working to choose a song that will make your dancers shine, make sure you choose a song appropriate to the piece and what you’re trying to convey with the dance. You’ll also need a song that you and your dancers enjoy. In many cases, the song you choose will be too long for the dance, so it’s important to know how to edit the song to make it work right with the dance. The editing process is actually a big part of the entire creative process that comes with choreographing an amazing dance.

Why is Editing Important?

Why is editing the music for your dancers so important? Well, you need to ensure that the song content actually makes sense and that you have seamless musical progression so you can keep the dance flowing smoothly. You also want to make sure that the audience will enjoy the piece, which is difficult to do if the song suddenly jumps around.

Using Editing Software

To effectively and efficiently edit a song for your dancers, you’ll want to use good editing software that will allow you to cleanly edit the piece. Of course, not only do you need good software, but you need to know how to use the software. Some of the great software options to consider include Sony SoundForge, Audacity for PC and Garage Band for Mac.

Several Editing Options

When you’re ready to begin editing the piece of music, you will find that this can be done in a couple ways. One of the fastest ways to complete your edit is to cut and paste parts of the song together. However, when you choose this method, you need to pay special attention to tempo changes, volume changes and the count of the song. Mixing is another editing option and while it may take more time, it usually provides a better result in the end.

As you’re completing your edit, pay special attention to the ending of the song. The end of your dance and the song dancers are dancing to are just as important as the beginning. Fading out may be one option, but it’s not always the best option. Sometimes you may need to create an ending for the song that won’t seem abrupt and misplaced.

With a little work, you can have a lot of fun editing music for your dancers. Remember, the right song is just as important as the right moves so take the time to work hard on a great song that will make your dancers shine when they perform.