Bun with Hairsticks

Bun with Hairsticks (Photo credit: sgrace)

A ballet dancer’s appearance is one of the most important attributes aside from the skill, experience and talent. The costume and conditioning of the athlete is important, but equally crucial is the appearance of the hair which is coiled up into a tight bun, enhancing the clean lines of the performance that is being danced. During performances, inspection of the hair bun is mandatory among professional dancers.

Attention to the tips and care of the dancer’s hair will cut down on preparation time before the performance. This begins with the knowledge of the type of hair and the brushes that are being used. Different types of hair need their own styles of brushes and gel. Thick curly hair behaves differently than thin hair without much body when being twisted and coiled. For example, brushes with stiff bristles do not work well on thin hair. The type of hair clips and bands is important also because certain thicknesses work well with thin hair versus thick hair.

Teaching ballet students to do their own hair is an important part of including them in the performance preparation process. While it may be easier for someone else to do it for them, teach your student or child these skills early on. Knowing how to take care of your hair and use the proper equipment to keep it looking professional when performing ultimately leads to better scores from judges.