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Avoid the Tryout Color Traps to Create a Colorful Audition

When it comes to selecting your pro team tryout costume, color is crucial.

Unfortunately, whether it’s their first or their 50th tryout, many girls tend to fall prey to one of the two lethal color traps.

Skip the snares, and follow our tips to give you that award-winning, competitive edge you’ve been looking for!

Professional Dance Costume Mistake #1: Pink and Turquoise

When it comes to professional tryout and audition wear, these are the two most popular colors, hands-down. No judge can keep all that pink and turquoise straight (trust us, we’ve asked!). No matter how great your moves are, you’ll end up drowning in a sea of cotton candy hued hopefuls — FAST. And honestly, do you want to show up looking like the other 100+ girls in the room? Of course not! Instead, choose colors that deviate from the norm so you stand out in a daring, yet beautiful, way.

Professional Dance Costume Mistake #2: All Black

While black may be flattering for cocktail dresses, it’s absolutely disastrous in the world of auditions and team tryouts. Why? Because wearing all black — especially in the form of a small top and shorts —simply doesn’t grab the judge’s attention the way an eye-popping splash of color would. Just like with pink and turquoise, wearing black is a sure-fire way to make the judge’s eyes glaze over and cause you to blend into the background.

At D.A. Designs Dancewear, we steer our clients away from these “been there, done that” tones, and suggest different, eye-catching colors instead.

Ask yourself the following question:
What color swimsuit do I like to buy?

Your answer will help you determine what color(s) work best on you. For example, do you look fantastic in red or beautiful in bronze? Are you more confident and prefer to walk on the wild side? Then you may want to consider exotic or bold prints to show off your assets instead.

In order to captivate those judges in a crowd of competitors, you must choose colors that flatter your figure and enhance your natural skin tone, without looking boring or “like everybody else.”

Instead of pink, turquoise or black, opt for brighter, more eye-catching shades and you’ll give judges a colorful reason to take note of your audition.