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When the weather outdoors is very cold, it is important for everyone to keep an eye on his or her body temperature. Rapidly dropping temperatures and other diverse changes in the weather can affect body temperature. This is especially true for supporters of sports events, such as cheerleaders.

Not only does the weather outdoors affect the temperature of the body, but performing inside a crowded gym or other facility can cause a rise in body temperature. This can rapidly lead to heat exhaustion. You can become very tired and not up to par when it comes to your performance as a cheerleader. This affects you as well as other members of your cheerleading squad. Members often perform many stunts together and must count on each other.

From basketball to football, cheerleaders are on the sidelines cheering on their team. There are a few tips that they can use to make sure they maintain a healthy body temperature while providing encouragement for their team.

When performing outdoors, adding bodysuits with long sleeves to the cheerleading outfit can be beneficial for extra warmth. This can also be accomplished by donning sweat pants and cheerleading jackets can be worn to keep your body warm.

Keep in mind the clothing you are wearing can affect your body temperature when performing inside as well. Clothing that will be worn in a heated gym full of people should not trap moisture and prevent natural perspiration, which is the way the body cools down.

Everyone, including those who exercise more vigorously, such as cheerleaders should stay hydrated. This means drinking plenty of water so fluids are replaced, as they are lost. When you perspire, your body loses fluids as well as electrolytes. They are responsible for maintaining hydration and blood pH; to provide the balance needed for nerve and muscle function. They must be correctly balanced so you can remain healthy. Remember – if you feel thirsty, you are already dehydrated!

Know the signs of heat exhaustion, heat stroke and prolonged exposure to the cold. If you recognize these symptoms, you can prevent a life-threatening situation by getting indoors or cooling down. Tell your fellow team members what to look for in both situations. This can include feeling extremely weak and becoming very pale and disoriented. Treatment should be sought immediately if you notice any of these or other symptoms.

The best defense is not only something on which the players concentrate. It is also a good idea for those who are cheering their team to victory Take care of yourself and enjoy the game whether it is football that is being played outdoors or basketball in an indoor setting. This will ensure that you are ready to celebrate your team’s victory after the game.