Home-made energy bars

Home-made energy bars (Photo credit: humbert15)

Everyone knows that eating healthier is better and dancers are no exception, especially ballet dancers. A need for snacks that not only provide the vitamins that are essential for stamina and energy, but one that tastes good as well was the inspiration for a new product. This was the beginning of Barre energy bars created by Julia Erickson, a member of the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre.

The first part of the goal was to find energy-enhancing ingredients that were nutritious rather than sugary snacks that provide a temporary ‘oomph’ and are high in calories. The next part was to put the ingredients together in a way that created a tasty snack. A few of the best ingredients include those that are rich in iron, calcium and potassium. All of these are needed for energy, stamina and controlling muscles as well as maintaining blood pressure.

Electrolytes are also important for muscle control and must be replaced as you perspire. Dancing can result in the loss of electrolytes as do most activities that require physical activity. After researching the ingredients that provide these benefits and working on a few versions of the energy bar, the next step was to try it out. The logical test market was Erickson’s co-workers. What would they think of the energy bars?

The energy bars met with approval from the dancers. The first energy bar was a Pirouette Cinnamon Pecan. There are now three flavors that are sold at many locations across the U.S. This is just one example of how the need for something can result in an inspiration that fulfills this demand. Barre energy bars were not created with the intent to start a business – they were made for enhancing the performance of dancers. However, the outcome was a successful business.

Often the need for something is the driving force behind the creation. The simplest ideas can turn into a profitable business regardless of whether this was the original intention or not. The best inventions are the ones that solve a problem being experienced just as the need for a snack that was more nutritionally complete and one that supplied the necessary vitamins and minerals needed by dancers was the inspiration for Barre energy bars.

Once you have come up with the idea, test it out on co-workers, friends and relatives. This will allow you to get a good idea of whether the product is worthwhile. The simplest ideas are often the ones that are met with the most approval. Another tip for ideas – stick with something that you know and understand. As with the energy snacks, the idea was based on understanding what was needed by dancers because Erickson is a dancer.