We love designing and creating custom costumes and dancewear, but our success would not be possible without the relationships we’ve built for so many years. One of these relationships is with Thr!ve Dance Company, an award-winning studio located in Evansville, IN. We’ve had the privilege of working with Co-Owners Yvette Walts and Molly Hall since we first opened our doors, and we just designed and created costumes for them again last season. 

Thr!ve Dance Company, was one of the first guest studios to be featured on Lifetimes Dance Moms  in the show’s heyday, and Yvette and her daughter, Hadley, starred on the break-off show Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition. Several of their dancers have won multiple national dance titles and dance professionally. In the last 10 years, they have taught over 5000 children in dance, cheer, and tumbling. Wowee!  

Yvette and Molly have been teaching for over 30 years and have 70 kids currently in their competition team. When putting together routines, costumes, and choreography, they said, “We look at our age groups and the genre that best suits our dancers and go from there. Once we have a song, we reach out to D.A. and give them an idea of what we are looking for.” 

“The right costume is like the icing on the cake. It lets the audience know the overall vibe for each routine,” Yvette and Molly continued. “We have had D.A. design and create acro unitards, dresses, leotards, and animal costumes. They can do everything!” 

And we love to hear that because we always do our best to create anything and everything our clients ask. 

“Working with D.A. is easy. The costumes always arrive on time, and they walk you through every step of the process.” 

When asked what they love about working with D.A. Designs, they both eagerly said, “Kaelin is amazing and always comes up with unique designs. She is mindful of our budget, and the quality of each garment is always impeccable.” 

It’s been wonderful to have a relationship this long with Yvette and Molly of Thr!ve Dance Company, and we’re excited to bring another unique design for them next season.