DING! DING! This sassy bellhop is going straight to the top! This wonderful costume was designed for Broadway Bound Dance Academy in Media, PA for a competition Jazz Dance Group Routine. We used Burgundy and Gold Mystique fabrics to kind of channel that classic big city bellhop vibe. The Mystique fabrics provide the shine and sparkle that most competition jazz groups want in their costumes. Buttons on front and the cuffs on the sleeve help pull the look together, and the bustle skirt in back gives it that sassy, dance costume look.  

Many of our clients like to stick to a specific budget to help keep things as affordable for the dancers and their families as possible. So, we had to design the costume to clearly communicate the bellhop theme, while sticking to the budget. Overall, Broadway Bound Dance Academy loved our sassy bellhop costume, and we had such a great time designing it! 

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