Custom DancewearHow To Measure For Custom Dancewear

Be prepared for your next measurement! In this video, we’ll walk you through how to measure (or be measured) for a custom dance costume or uniform.

The Measurements

When creating custom dance costumes, we take four main measurements: 

  1. Bust. We measure the largest part of the dancer’s bust, making a circle around their chest. 
  2. Waist. This measurement uses the narrowest part of the dancer’s waist, near the bottom of their ribs. 
  3. Hips. This measurement isn’t actually taken at the dancer’s hip bones. Instead, we measure the fullest part of their bottom.  
  4. Girth.  This is the circle of the dancer’s body, measuring from their crotch to their shoulder and back around. 

If a dancer’s design includes pants, we’ll also measure their inseam, starting at the top of their thigh and measuring down to the floor. 

And that’s it! To make sure you get the best possible measurements, DON’T let dancers wear baggy clothes to their measuring session. Instead, have them wear tight-fitting clothes that will let you take accurate measurements.

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